MBT Shoes And Barefoot Running: Making The Case

MBT is an abbreviation for Masai Barefoot Technologies. Karl Muller founded the company in 1996. He created a new design of a shoe, patented the design and quickly sold over 4 million shoes.

When designing the shoe, Muller was inspired by the Masai People in Africa, who walked barefoot on soft surfaces.

Muller realized that walking barefoot had a lot of health advantages because when walking barefoot, people use muscles that they don’t use when walking in regular shoes. As the muscles get stronger, the pressure on the joints gets lower. Muller’s MBT shoes are also very helpful during the weight loss process because a person wearing MBT shoes burns more calories compared to wearing regular shoes.

This happens because MBT shoes have rounded heels and soles with several layers. An MBT shoe gives its wearer an experience of walking on sand. MBT shoes force the wearers to keep a balance, which means that wearers need to use different muscles than they usually do.

After Muller learned about the Masai people, he realized that walking barefoot was impossible for most people living in the Western countries because most people in developed countries today live in urban areas where they simply don’t have access to the sand. Walking barefoot of asphalt and concrete can not only bring health disadvantages but also is not possible for hygienic reasons. This is why Muller has created MBT shoes and why the shoes became so popular all over the world. Some proponents MBT shoes even say that the shoes help reduce cellulite.

To prove the case, MBT corporation often points to scientific research from major Universities such as the University of Calgary. The study that researchers conducted showed that people who wear MBT shoes show more muscle activity while standing and less knee stress when walking.

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