MBT Shoes: What You Need to Know

MBT shoes are a creation of Karl Muller. The abbreviation MBT is short for Masai Barefoot Technologies, which Muller created after getting inspired by the Masai people of Africa whom he observed walking barefoot on soft surfaces such as sand. Muller was an engineer and a former athlete who decided to create a shoe that would provide the wearers with the experience and challenge of walking barefoot in any setting, including urban areas, where walking barefoot was impossible.

Muller founded MBT in 1996. He patented his shoe design and quickly sold 4 million shoes all over the world. The MBT shoe has a sole with a number of layers and a rounded heel. The type of shoe later became known as a rocker sole shoe or rocker bottom shoe.

MBT sponsored a number of scientific studies about its shoes. Some universities and research centers have also conducted independent studies. The studies support the claims by MBT that wearing MBT shoes results in more muscle activity, reduces stress on the knees and hip joints. Wearing MBT shoes may also reduce knee pain when a person is suffering from arthritis.

Some of the wearers of MBT shoes have also claimed that wearing the shoes helps reduce cellulite, but there have been no scientific studies that prove that. MBT shoes come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. MBT shoes include sandals, dress shoes, athletic sneakers, and boots. MBT shoes can be very expensive, with costs of up to $250 per pair and even more. Doctors warn that MBT shoes are not for everyone, which is why you should talk to your doctor before getting these shoes and try them first. When you go to a store, have an experienced salesperson help you and answer your questions. Break the MBT shoes in slowly and have realistic expectations about what they can do.

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