The connection between MBT shoes and the Masai people in Africa

The concept of barefoot shoes may sound like a really strange one, yet in the beginning of the 2000s, many manufacturers, including Masai Barefoot Technology or MBT, and Nike, have been creating barefoot shoes.

The reason for it is simple. When creating his company and his brand Karl Muller, the creator of MBT, draw inspiration from the Masai people. They are an ethnic group that lives in southern Kenya and northern Tanzania. The Masai walk barefoot, which has a very positive impact on their bodies.

The Masai people are some of the well-known populations in the world because they live close to the African Great Lakes, which is an area with many game parks that attract a lot of tourists. The Masai people also dress very colorfully and have very distinct customs and traditions.

They speak the Maa language, and also the official languages of both Kenya and Tanzania, which are English and Swahili. As of 2009, the population of the Masai people was around 850,000, which represents a significant increase compared to 375,000, the number of the Masai people during the 1989 census.

The Masai people originated from an area north of Lake Turkana in Northwest Kenya. They started moving south about five centuries ago and live in a long strip of land that stretched from Northwest Kenya to what now is central Tanzania. During their migration, the Masai people have replaced many other ethnic groups that were populating the area.

The territory of the Masai people has reached its biggest size in the middle of the nineteenth century. It included the Great Rift Valley, Mount Marsabit, and Dodoma.

At the time, the Masai people were mostly occupied with raising cattle, which is why being healthy and being able to walk and run a lot was an important part of their life that the creator of MBT shoes later noticed.

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