The Reasons for Popularity of MBT Shoes

Karl Muller is the creator of MBT shoes. After he founded the company, his sales quickly grew to over 4 million pairs worldwide. The reason for such popularity is very simple: MBT shoes mimic walking on soft surfaces and can completely change the lives of athletes.

Mark Tomkinson started running in 2006. He lived in California. He trained enough to start running half-marathons and even full marathons, but during his running career, he constantly had to deal with injuries, including shin pain that he developed in 2011 when he was preparing to run yet another marathon. Tomkinson became interested in the stories of runners who reported having no injuries after switching to barefoot shoes and experiencing effects similar to those from wearing MBT shoes, and that’s what Tomkinson decided to try. In 2012, he was not only able to run yet another marathon but he also improved his running time significantly, from 3 hours 57 minutes to 3 hours and 29 minutes. He later described that he became much faster and his running was much more efficient because of his barefoot shoes. He later became an advocate of minimalist shoe running.

MBT inventor Karl Muller was inspired to create a new shoe after learning that the Masai people in Africa walk barefoot on soft terrains most of the time. It turned out that walking barefoot has a lot of health benefits. People that walk barefoot have fewer issues with their backs, spines, and knees. This is why Muller created his MBT shoe. The shoe has a sole with many layers and a round heel. While it may not look like a barefoot shoe, in reality, people that walk in MBT shoes get an unstable feeling of walking on a soft surface. That’s the same feeling that the Masai people have in their lives while they walk barefoot.

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