The Story Behind MBT Shoes

In the 1990s, Karl Muller, the inventor of MBT shoe recognized a trend that became very popular later on.

Today you can hear a lot of stories from runners such as Mark Tomkinson from Huntington Beach, California and Mimi Englander from Littleton, Massachusetts about the importance of shoes and how shoes that allow runners to have a barefoot or uneven experience like MBT shoes do can have a profound experience on the results of the runners.

These stories start with a person becoming interested in running and gradually increasing the distance and competing in half-marathons and marathons. However, as the person increases the distance, he or she typically starts having injuries and has to deal with pain. Switching to barefoot shoes often helps get rid of pain and increase running efficiency.

For example, Mark Tomkinson decreased his marathon time from 3 hours and 57 minutes to 3 hours and 29 minutes. He was absolutely happy about running faster and more efficiently in minimalist shoes.

Running in something else than regular running shoes has become a very popular trend. According to the Runner’s World magazine, in the first quarter of 2012, about 11% of the market of running shoes in the United States, were non-regular shoes.

Muller has created his company in 1996. His shoes had multiple sole layers and a round heel, which made the wearer feel as if he or she was walking on an uneven surface.

Because of this, the wearers of MBT shoes were using different muscles compared to the muscles they would use when wearing regular shoes. The muscles would grow with time and become stronger, reducing the impact on the knees and the joints.

MBT worked with several Universities that conducted studies that proved MBT claims and led to MBT selling even more shoes than before.

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