Types of MBT Shoes

The reason why MBT shoes are so popular is very simple: they mimic barefoot walking and running experience, which makes walking and running easier and healthier. MBT is short for Masai Barefoot Technology. Masai is the name of the people that live in Africa.

Karl Muller is the founder of MBT and patent-holder for a design of MBT shoes. He was inspired when he learned that the Masai people spent a lot of time walking barefoot and he designed his shoe to mimic the experience. The shoe has a sole with multiple layers and to keep the balance, the person wearing MBT shoes simply has to use small muscles in the feet and the legs. Use of these muscles while wearing MBT shoes is what makes the experience to be very different. The experience also comes with a number of health benefits because using the muscles makes them stronger. When a person is wearing regular shoes, he or she is not using these very muscles.

According to Muller and MBT, as the muscles become stronger, the pressure that a person puts on his or her joints goes down, which means less pain. MBT shoes also improve posture and promote weight loss because the person wearing them burns more calories compared to wearing regular shoes.

Typically, shoes become an issue for people that want to become athletic and start running a lot. When a person just walks for a bit every day, he or she is not likely to develop any injuries. It is runners who train for half-marathons and marathons who run a lot of miles weekly and typically start experiencing issues when running in regular shoes.

Today there are a lot of runners who wrote books about MBT shoes and barefoot running. In the books, they report about being able to run farther, faster and more efficiently.

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