What MBT Shoes Are About

In the beginning of the twenty-first century, runners were communicating with each other more and more via Internet message boards.

Not only did these boards make the communication more convenient and easy, but they also showed what problems runners had. One of the problems had to do with the state of the running shoe industry and running shoes for athletes who ran a lot of miles on a regular basis. Longtime runners were extremely unhappy with what was available on the market because they were saying that the shoes were too heavy. The manufacturers of the shoes were claiming that walking on the asphalt, concrete and other surfaces was unhealthy and were trying to solve the problem by creating heavy, bulky shoes.

Karl Muller, the designer of MBT shoes, took on a different path. He was inspired by the Masai people in Africa, whom he observes walking barefoot on soft surfaces like sand. Later, he created the MBT corporation. The letter M in the MBT stands for Masai, the name of the people in Africa. MBT is short for Masai Barefoot Technologies.

Instead of trying to fix what was wrong with people walking on hard surfaces, Muller, who was an engineer and a former athlete, decided to create a shoe that will allow residents of Western urban areas to have the same experience as the Masai people did when walking barefoot on the sand. This is how he created his MBT shoes.

The shoes have multiple layers in the sole and come with a rounded heel. To keep a balance in MBT shoes, their wearers need to use the muscles that they typically don’t use. This has a lot of health benefits because as the wearers start using the muscles, the muscles become stronger and reduce the pressure on the knees.

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